Top Most Beautiful Villages In Europe

Tired of city life? how about taking a vacation to a countryside village? A place with fresh air, fresh water and many beautiful landscapes. Luckily, Europe is home to some of the most picturesque villages in the world. The followings are most beautiful villages in Europe.

1.Bosa, Oristano, Italy
Bosa is a small, picturesque seaside town located on a small hill in the Northwest coast of Sardinia city in Italy. It is built around an impressive medieval castle called ‘Castello Malaspina’. Temo River, the only navigable river in Sardinia city also rung through Bosa town. This magical small town is also famed for its heritage, culture and architectural beauty.The vivid, multicolored houses in the backdrop of the Malaspina castle in the town are truly a breathtaking scene. At Sa Costa district, in the historic center of Bosa town you can see amazing medieval streets and stone staircases. You can also find amenities like cafes, restaurants and bars at the historic center of the town.

2.Cochem, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Cochem is a traditional German town located in the beautiful Moselle river valley in the Southwestern part of the country. This small town is a great holiday destination that can offer many fascinating things to discover. Cochem is famed for its stunning river valley, picturesque vineyards and half-timbered houses.The Cochem hilltop castle overlooking the river valley stands as an icon of the town. The view of the Cochem valley from the castle is just incredible. In addition to all these attractions the Cochem city has a pleasant mild climate. Cycling is the best way to explore the beauty of this town. One ride along the beautiful river valleys and vineyards of Cochem town can be a great experience for you.

3.Marsaxlokk, Malta
Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village located in the Southeastern part of Malta. This village is famed for its fishing market and colorful boats bobbing on its harbor. These boats are named as ‘Luzzus’ and have great significance in the day to day life of the village. They also have a long history. The locals have been used Luzzus since 800 B.C.You can see mythical eyes of Osiris painted on each Luzzus. Locals believed that the painted eyes of God can protect their boats from the evil.Marsaxlokk is also a historically important village. The Tag-Silg hill of Marsaxlokk contain the remains of a megalithic temple. Many Bronze Age tools have been also found from this hill.

4.Murren, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
Murren is a stunning mountain village located at an altitude of 5413 ft, in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. It is the highest inhabited village in Canton of the Bern city. From this mountain village you can enjoy the beautiful three famous Alpine peaks – Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau. This village is famed for its unrivalled scenery and an ideal destination for base jumpers.Murren is a car free village. You can get cable car service from the Lauterbrunnen valley (located at the base of Murren village) to access this mountain village. Even in such a high altitude location you can find services like bank, post office, fire station, emergency center, school, tourist office, cafes, holiday apartments and restaurants.

5.Gasadalur, Faroe Islands, Denmark
Gasadalur is a tiny village located in the Mykines Island in the Faroe archipelago. Situated at the edge of a tall cliff and surrounded by top peaks of Mykines islands Gasadalur is definitely one of the beautiful villages on Earth. Because of remoteness, this village only has a population of 18. Even though the settlement of the village in the unique location overlooking the sea is just breathtaking.Until the opening of the tunnel to the village in 2004, the resident of Gasadalur had to hike 200 meter high mountain to reach their houses. Today the 4.9 km long tunnel makes it easier to access the village and also open the door to tourism.

Content credit: dj maza com


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